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When is it Okay not to Workout?

Believe it or not, we do tend to get this question a lot when it comes to working out through illness, soreness, injury, or just through a bad day. Usually our answer tends to vary depending on who the person is, what their goals are, what kind of pain they are experiencing, but most importantly we worry about what they are going through at that given time in their life.

When it comes to answering this question, let’s look at a mock client and name them Client A. For background, Client A has been coming into the gym and giving some effort but you know that they are capable of more, so you try to push them a little bit in terms of upping the weight or adding another set. From there, you see them start to get uncomfortable with upping the weight and notice a little irritability. Not that they haven’t done it in the past, they are just unable to do it that day and it is upsetting them. So, what seems to be going on with this person?

Any average trainer at your average gym may say that they pushed their clients so hard the previous day that they are just too sore and that they will come back the next day feeling better. Now, what would an experienced trainer do in this situation. Well, they would ask questions like how well did you sleep last night, how is work going, how is the family, what have you eaten today, questions like these that will warrant a desired response. Now, there are days that you are coming into the gym and maybe not feeling as well as you normally do, but the reason that we ask those leading questions is to give our clients time to really look into their lives and notice the extrinsic factors that are factoring into how they are feeling intrinsically. Basically, what stress are they going through or how is their diet looking and is it affecting them negatively or positively when it comes to their mental health and also their performance in the gym.

Personal training has always been looked at as a service that only the select few need in order to feel better about themselves and move better. Now, personal training should never be about that and this is why it is such a controversial career path as a few of the “bad trainers” tend to ruin the business model of the “good trainers” by not asking these questions above. As we continue to grow the business, we will continue to show people that personal training is not what the “bad trainers” make it out to be. We are more than just fit and healthy people working to have a career in the place that they never leave. We are also here to help others achieve the same type of happiness that we have along with help others to look and feel the way that we feel! This is our mission, this is our goal, and we plan to make a change in hundreds of lives in the years to come with this model.

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