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Back and Better Than Ever

It feels like it has been a whole year since we have been on here and talked much about anything, so this is going to be our comeback post!

With everything going on with the business and in our own lives, we have been so busy that we have not been able to update you all on what we are doing, so without further ado here is that update!

Since May, we had talked about opening up a gym in the Indianapolis area and we have done just that! Blades Fitness and Performance grew from a few clients to Legacy Barbell Club, now a full fledged gym and personal training studio, which is such a blessing! A lot of work was put into it as well, so here are some pictures of what the facility looks like as of now

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah its been a great journey so far and we are so excited to continue on with it! We had our big opening day this weekend and we had a good turnout from family and friends and even had a few people buy! This was something that we did not expect as we are a new place, so virtually no one knows we even exist yet.

Besides being a gym that is open 24/7 for all members and being a local gym owned by two brothers that have spent a good portion of their lives in Indianapolis, we also strive to bring the best service and results to all of our members through the way we interact with them along with services that we offer!

This is why our personal training is always top of the line and all members will have the ability to have optional fitness assessments twice a year or quarterly so that they can determine what is working for them in their own routine and what they may need to change up in order to achieve their own goals!

We want to be more than just a gym that strives for numbers! While members keep the doors open and the lights on, what really makes it worthwhile for us is that our members enjoy coming and actually see the results that they want to!

We are on a mission right now and we will not stop until we become the best gym in the Indianapolis area!

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