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Want to Train Your Own Clients Here?

A Space For Everyone!

As personal trainers ourselves, we understand what it takes to start a business and how hard it may be to gather up the funds to get your own place to train out of or even renting out a space for that matter. There are so many spaces in the Indianapolis area that offer great spaces to train and rent out, but either may not be the best environment for your clients or the best opportunity for you in terms of what you have to put in to make it worthwhile versus what you get in return.

Here at Legacy Barbell Club, we want to offer the best possible environment for you to start your personal training business without all of the hidden fees and hassle of doing extra work! We are transparent in terms of rates per hour that you will pay per client, what your duties are outside of training your clients, and how we can make this the best arrangement not only for us but for you as a growing trainer!

The rates is affordable and varies on you and your schedule. Other spaces in the area will charge you $22 per hour whether you are training or not and give you a minimum on the hours you need to have a week. On top of that, other places will require you to work office hours and make sure you are cleaning the facility. All that we ask is that you leave the place as you found it in terms of stuff being put away, wiped down, and any trash picked up!

There are going to be very limited spots as we start to grow ourselves as a gym, so inquire ASAP so that you get a chance! We will be interviewing potential candidates and making sure that you are just as good of a fit here as we are with you and what you want to do with your business!

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