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How Can We Stay Motivated?

Especially now with COVID-19 running rampant where we are not really seeing it going away any time soon, it can be hard for us to go in and find the motivation to get work done or to accomplish the goals that we set out each day. Speaking from a co-owner of a personal training company that started in the midst of the pandemic, I hear you and I understand what you are going through. Many days we run into issues where we start to lose sight on our goals and on our tasks at hand and start to slump back and avoid our tasks as we are not motivated to do them. So, how do we get motivated again, especially during the pandemic and during the holidays when we are all completely gassed and ready for a new year.

The biggest thing that we can offer is to remember your why, which we discussed in a previous blog post. Why do you do what you do? Why did you choose to start a business, why did you choose the job that you have, why did you start going to the gym in the first place? Knowing your why is the biggest thing that we can offer as help. Realizing what got you invested into where you are at and why you want to succeed is ultimately what will help keep you going through anything that life throws at you.

For our readers, we like to be transparent when it comes to what we go through as we look at ourselves as on the same level as you. Just because we may potentially be a trainer to someone and we tell them what to do health and wellness wise, this does not mean that we are any more that you and that we do not go through the same struggles. Recently, it has been hard for myself to stay motivated on the business. I started to lose sight on what my goals are as this time of the year, especially with the pandemic, personal training is viewed as a luxury item that many are unable to afford. So, we started to see a decline in interest and with new client onboarding. As we went through this, I started to lose the motivation to get up and keep working on the business as what was the point. I hadn’t reached where I wanted to be and I was running on very low client numbers, so I contemplated giving up on my dream. As I kept thinking though, I realized that no good business makes it within the first 3 months, and we are at the 3 month mark now. No business is going to be making thousands upon thousands of dollars within a couple of months, these things take time! As I started to realize that and remember that this is my dream and my passion, I quickly found that passion back and have continued to work ever since.

Taking a step back and realizing that there is a reason why you do what you do and also realizing that big dreams take large amounts of time, things do not happen overnight. This is why it is important to stick to those goals and don’t lose sight of that why and eventually you will accomplish some amazing things.

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