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Thanksgiving is Over, Now What?

We sincerely hope that everyone had a great holiday and that you were able to eat a lot of good food and spend time with friends and family. If you are like me, we may have eaten too much food for one day and that may have spilled over into two days. Now, there is nothing to be alarmed about if this is the case, as we can always bounce back to where we were or even bounce back and be even better than we were. So, where do we start?

The first thing that I thought of, as I am sure many of you did as well too, is when will I get into the gym to work all of this weight off and how will I possibly be able to change up my diet now as I feel like I am having trouble getting back! If you are a loyal follower of the blog and know what we preach as personal trainers, it is all about building habits and doing small changes over a period of time! What this means is that we cannot expect to jump back into where we were before the holiday as we have had a couple days where we have been off of what we normally do, whether that is a planned out diet or just a mindset of eating healthy. We need to take some time now to adjust back to where we were. Now, what does this look like for us?

The basics of where we want to start is how many meals are we eating that we would consider “bad”? If it is all of them, that is completely fine! If you eat some clean meals and then cheat 1-2 times a day then your timeframe will be a little smaller than others. What we want to look at is taking one of those meals and picking out our favorite “healthy” option that we were doing before! For example, instead of fast food for one meal you eat a salad or a chicken wrap like you were doing beforehand that used to be your favorite. This makes getting back into that habit easier to do and then also allows for you to start off with your favorite things to eat! For working out, same rules apply. Take one day back and do your favorite workout that you have done before. This will get you motivated to go into the gym and you will reignite that spark of coming back in on a regular basis.

The main things that we want to takeaway from this holiday is that there is always room to eat what you want and still be able to reach the goals that you want! We are all human, we all have that time to where we want to splurge and be able to eat what we want and also be able to sit around and spend time with family! It is important to realize this so that we do not feel guilty when we run into these holidays. As always, we are here for constant support and motivation if you have any questions later on. Our online personal training is now $150 a month as well down $100 from where it was. This is a decision that we made for the long term as we want to be able to provide this type of information and more to as many people as we can! If you are interested or know someone that may be interested, let us know and we will work diligently to not only get you to your goals, but also teach you what you need and want to know along the way so that you may eventually be able to do things on your own!

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