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We Need Your Help

Yes, the title is real. We do need your help.

Now, let me start you off with a little story and then we can get into what WE need from YOU.

Let's go back to 2015 when I was a Junior in high school. I had just recently been in a relationship that did not pan out and I started into my fitness journey. Over the course of the next year I would research anything and everything related to fitness and health.

My days would go as follows: School during the day, band practice after, gym session, and then come home and relax or watch videos about health and fitness.

During the summer, I would work from 7 am - 3pm at a manual labor job and then go directly to the gym and spend 2+ hours working out to then come home and relax and get ready to do it all again the next day.

Over this time, I developed a passion for health and fitness. Heck, it was all I would ever think about or talk about when I wasn't actually working out. I looked up to some fitness influencers on YouTube but then also famous bodybuilders over the years.

Something else that helped me to develop this passion and this drive was the gym that I was at. Everyday I would go in, even if I was not in the best mood or I was tired, the atmosphere of the gym and the work ethic of some of the people in there pushed me and motivated me to be better.

That gym is called Fit for the King in Madison, IN. They helped me develop the mindset and the work ethic in the gym that has also transferred to other aspects of my life. I developed some great relationships there and had a great time in the gym each time I went.

This is now the part where I ask the favor.

One of the things that Blades Fitness wants to do, both on the gym side and the personal training side, is revolutionize how people view personal trainers and how gyms are structured to maximize results and happiness of all members. We want to give back to others what Fit for the King did for me.

With this, our facility could open as early as September 2021. This gym will follow the same traits and ideals that Fit for the King did. When you come in, it will feel like home. We want to be there to help provide a place that you love coming to, that is clean, the staff is friendly, and that you can work hard and accomplish all those goals you have set out to achieve.

With that, the most powerful form of advertising in our industry is referrals. Now, I do not want to sit here and tell you that you NEED to share this. I only want you to if you believe in what we are doing and you believe that we can make a change. We have spent the past year working hard with clients and building our "community" in the form of clients and then also followers of us.

While we know we are asking a lot of you, this has been a dream of ours since I was a little scrawny kid in 2015 who just started on this journey. I want to provide a place to where people feel that they are at home and they feel motivated to work as hard as they can.

With that being said, sharing this around and letting people know about what we are doing would be great and would be really appreciated by us. It really is a dream come true to be able to have this opportunity so I do not want to take it lightly, so I want to be sure that everyone will get what we promise.

So, if you have followed along this far, if you would not mind letting your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else know what we plan to do and why we plan to do it, we would greatly appreciate it. Even if that just means we get more eyes on us and more people knowing who we are, that is still greatly appreciated.

We are determined and on track to change up the gym and personal training dynamic and we need your help to be able to prove this to the world.

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Great post! Never give up on your dreams!!❤️

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