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Fitness in 2021

2021, I feel, is going to be the year to where things will start to return to normal, which is what we need after the year or longer that we have had. With that being said, I also predict that events and business will start to limit their people still and may have some new rules moving forward as many people will be worried about coming into something like COVID again.

This also rings true for many fitness places and personal trainers, at least speaking for myself and my future plans. If we have learned anything over the course of this past year is that we were not as clean pre-COVID as we are now. That is something that I feel will stay the same moving forward for many years to come.

Now, I know, the title of this blog is about Fitness this year and how it will be affected or why I would even talk about this, but I think it is important to preface where we think the world will be after COVID to know what the first steps with different businesses will be.

For fitness, I think that 2 things will start to happen once things open up and mask mandates are lifted. Number one and probably the most important one for Blades Fitness and other local gyms, membership acquisition is going to go through the roof! People have been in quarantine for so long, have started to gain a little weight, and with summer coming up they are wanting to get back into the gym and get back to where they are at.

Now, many people may be sitting here and thinking that home gyms and all of that are things of the future, but I am inclined to disagree with you and here is why. Let's look at the housing market and how crazy all of that is right now, why do we think that is? People have been stuck in one place for so long they get tired of it, bored with it, start to find a lot of things wrong with where they are at. So, they want to move. They want out of where they have been held up for so long, and I think this will be the case with health and fitness

As people, we thrive on being able to go out and do things and interact with people on a daily basis, and I think that will start to be the biggest thing especially this summer and moving into the fall.

All of this leads into the number 2 reason why fitness and health, I feel, will start to boom and really take off, and that is because it is something outside of the home. Like I talked about earlier, people want to get out and be able to go and do things and experience things, not only shop or eat or take trips, but also just go and do anything to get out and get healthy. This is where we are trying to capitalize on in the coming months with events starting to open up and the country starting to slowly open up, people are going out and doing things now. This is why we are talking about a gym now, why we are going to do more events and physical forms of marketing, and have our name and face out there.

2020 was the year where businesses suffered and many closed, along with lives lost and families torn apart. 2021 will be the year for new businesses to thrive off of new found freedom, families to be reunited, and life slowly but surely moving back to some form of normality. With that being said, we are going to be ahead of the curve and be prepared in the instance that things explode and business booms right off the bat. 2021 is our year, and we are ready to make our dreams a reality.

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